Sarlat, a town of art and history

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Sarlat is one of the jewels of the Black Perigord. The city is renowned for its rich architectural heritage and especially its great renovation started with the Malraux law on conservation areas ... Today it is part of many cultural events.

Sarlat, a town of art and history, was born in the ninth century and is built around a Benedictine abbey. Soon the city is enriched under the direct authority of the Holy See of Rome. The Hundred Years War (1337 - 1453) and plague have serious economic and demographic consequences. It was during the reconstruction in the fifteenth and sixteenth, the city is adorned with beautiful mansions. Commercial and craft activities develop, and new ideas emerge with Etienne de La Boetie.

The city keeps its plume to XVIII, then begins to decline because of its geographic isolation. In the end, it will be a chance for the city!

In 1962, André Malraux Act creates the protected sectors and Sarlat is the "City Lab". For 25 years, successive restorations and are reviving the medieval city. Sarlat today is the first city in Europe by number of listed buildings m2 with 11 ha, 253 buildings, 18 monuments and 59 listed monuments. This is a real gem, witness medieval and Renaissance.


La vallée de la Dordogne et la totalité de son bassin versant a été classé par l'UNESCO pour la préservation de son patrimoine naturel. C'est un lieu où il fait bon vivre et passer ses vacances !

Sous le règne de Louis XIV, on servait fréquemment des pâtés et des dindes truffés du Périgord Noir. Cette réputation d’excellence gastronomique n’a jamais cessée et est désormais à la portée de tous. Quelques exemples...